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Per-Project Basis

Since every client has different needs,
we charge a single fee based on the complexity of the project.
This allows us to provide you with the exact cost
before we begin and to develop complete web sites
even on a limited budget.


We offer highly competitive rates for quality web site development.
Please contact us for a quote!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is your process?

1) We need half down to begin. All the design work will be original and we will create all the required graphics ourselves. We will use royalty free images/pictures or your images when provided.

2) We specialize in cross-browser compatible websites. So, your website will work perfectly fine on all the major browsers like Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, and Safari etc.

3) We will provide you with a pre implementation mockup of the website design to insure we are on the same page. We will work with you on this mock-up until you are completely satisfied with the theme of the site.

5) We will then add the requested animations.

6) After the animations are approved then we will meld in the rest of the sites contents.

7) After the site is complete the Balance will be due. 

 Who owns the site when it is done?

This is a good question to ask, as some web site services retain all the rights to the sites they build and they may charge you a fee if you want to take the site and move it to another ISP or host.

When you hire us to build your site, you own the site when it is all done. You can move it to any server, reproduce it on a CD to distribute to your clients, change it or add to it...whatever you want ó itís yours to do as you see fit!

What about site maintenance?

Most sites need regular maintenance ó to check for broken links, to make sure that the code is keeping up with new technology and browsers, to update products and services or other content or feature updates. We can maintain your sites for you or we can train you in the technology needed to do the maintenance yourself.

How do I get my own web address (www.yourname.com)?

Also known as a Domain Name or URL, your web address is how people find you on the web. The domain name is the identity of your business on the net. A domain name costs  about $15.00 a year. Since there are so many companies on the web, the name you choose might not be available, and you might have to get creative. Try to make it memorable and easy to say and type.

Where will my site live?

I will help you obtain a place where your site will live (be Hosted as we say in the business) If you already have a site hosted with an ISP, you can continue using them if you like. Or, if you have an ISP that you use for email and dial-up access, you can contact them to see what they offer for site hosting options.

Costs and services tend to vary significantly from one company to the next, so this can be a confusing decision to make. We work with several ISPís and hosting companies and can help you find the best hosting service for your site and situation.

What browsers do you design for?

People are browsing the Web using all kinds of browser and operating system configurations and this is one of the most difficult challenges a Web developer faces. Except in cases where we are building an intranet site or designing for very targeted audiences, all of our sites are developed with cross-browser compatible code. Whenever possible, we use features that are available to all browsers or at least degrade acceptably to the older browsers.

Which search engines do you submit to?

Ninety percent of your search engine traffic is going to come from the following search engines and indexes:

MSN Search
Open Directory Project
Alta Vista
AOL NetFind

We hand-submit each page of a site to the search engines listed above to ensure successful placement. Depending on the site and its audience, we may submit it to a handful of additional targeted services.

What tools do you use?

For designing, creating or manipulating artwork, we use Jasc Paint Shop Pro. We can integrate existing logos and colors into the design. We use tools that require writing code by hand ó which means optimized web pages that load as fast as possible, work the way they are supposed to, and look great in all the popular browsers.

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